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Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Due to diverse applications and customer needs, at Rugged Industries we complement our product range with the best bagged vacuum cleaners in Australia.

In commercial cleaning applications, cleaners may be confronted with having to perform cleaning tasks with unknown levels and unknown types of soiling. For these tasks, bagged vacuum cleaners are more suitable because the vacuumed dirt can be disposed of before damaging the vacuum cleaner.

Where there is a risk of vacuuming liquids such as in bars, change rooms, or bathrooms, use our Excite bagged vacuum cleaner fitted with a bypass motor. It is designed to handle minor spills without incurring electrical motor damage.

In health and aged care where there is a risk of cross-contamination, or for those that suffer from dust allergies, the D’Lite bagged vacuum cleaner uses encapsulated double-lined paper bag filtration.

This provides a high level of filtration, minimal dust contact, and convenient means of dirt disposal. D’Lite is the lightest, largest-capacity, and latest bagged vacuum cleaner in our product range.
For building service contractors, providing large long-term cleaning having a bagged vacuum cleaner with long motor life is of the utmost importance.

Our Impress bagged vacuum cleaner fitted with a long-life motor reduces the frequency of motor replacement, and provides spare parts savings.

While the filters on bagged vacuum cleaners require regular replacement or cleaning, labour costs for maintaining cloth bags can be offset by using inexpensive disposable paper bag filters. Disposable paper bags provide an extra level of filtration, reduce soiling of both the cloth bag and HEPA Motor filter by 100-fold, and provide a convenient means for dirt disposal.

Buying Bagged Vacuum Cleaners from Us

Rugged Industries bagged vacuum cleaners are lightweight by design and material selection. For example, the D’Lite vacuum cleaner uses a lightweight single-stage “Eco” motor, reducing the weight of the entire vacuum cleaner to a mere 4.4kg. The D’Lite vacuum cleaner also has the highest capacity, allowing the user to vacuum longer while the exceptionally quiet opening makes it easier to do daytime cleaning.

Bagged vacuum cleaners are convenient to carry and transport. For roving cleaners having to provide cleaning services to multiple sites, disposal of vacuumed dirt may be an issue.

A Rugged Industry bagged vacuum cleaner is made with a well-secured bin lid, to avoid dirt spills in vehicles during transport.
However, we are conscious of the ongoing cost of disposable filters in our bagged vacuum cleaners. To minimise the expense, we use two designs, the first being an open-ended paper bag design in the Impress and Excite vacuum cleaners. These are effective, low-cost filters. The D’Lite vacuum uses a slightly more expensive disposable filter bag, but the expense is offset by increased capacity, enabling you to vacuum for longer.

The standard features of our bagged vacuum cleaners are:

HEPA filtration

Better filtration is healthier for you, better for the environment, and the vacuum cleaner.

The auxiliary power outlet

Allows you to plug in an optional electric brush which increases dust removal from carpet six-fold. It is popular with carpet cleaners.

Antimicrobial “crush-proof hose”

Vacuumed dust contains microbes that can get caught in the hose convolutions. The antimicrobial hose additives kill those microbes and in doing so provide odour control. The “crush-proof” features are provided by using thicker materials with better wear resistance and rigidity, which prevent hose collapse.

Stainless Rods

Naturally corrosion-resistant and lighter. Roving cleaners often carry their vacuum cleaners in a van together with cleaning chemicals. Corrosive chemical vapours rapidly corrode traditional chrome rods which have no corrosion resistance.

The EZ2GO floor tool

A general-purpose tool that can be used on hard floor and carpet surfaces.

The longer Crevice Tool

Provides added reach and has a side slot to prevent front-on nozzle blockage.

Swivel neck dusting brush

Allows you to adjust the tool to vacuum either horizontal or vertical surfaces. The longer thicker bristles allow you to vacuum deep into wall corners and allow the bristles to recover their shape at the same time.

We additionally provide a spare cloth bag and 10 spare paper bag filters to minimise your expenses immediately after purchase. You are getting incredibly good value for your purchase.

If you need additional information, not only about bagged vacuum cleaners but the right product selection for your requirements anywhere across Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Adelaide , region then contact us by phone on (02) 9680 0052 or email us at

Discover Our Range of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

At Rugged Industries, we have a superb, hand-picked selection of bagged backpack vacuum cleaners perfect for almost any cleaning scenario. We make no compromises on quality and stand proudly by the impeccable function, form, and usability of every product in our bagged vacuum range, including:

Benefits of Choosing a Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Both bagged, and bagless vacuum cleaners have particular strengths in different cleaning environments. For more challenging assignments, the additional power and suction of quality bagged vacuum units can drastically affect the overall result. This is especially critical in locations with allergens that must be removed entirely for safety and comfort. Bagged vacuum cleaner units typically have reduced costs upfront, but the need for replacement bags must be considered. 

How to Select the Right Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

To learn more about us and our commitment to quality, professionalism, and ultimate client satisfaction, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also scan our frequently asked questions or check our handy ‘how to page for the answers you seek. 


How Often Should I Change the Bag in My Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

There is no perfect answer to the question of how often to change the bag in a bagged vacuum cleaner, as it depends largely on its level of use and the nature of the dust and debris it collects. However, based on light to moderate use and typical demands, we recommend changing the bag in any bagged vacuum cleaner every 60 days and no less than twice a year. 

  • Tip—Don’t wait until the bag is full before emptying it. When it reaches the two-thirds full mark, empty it and start again. This can help prolong the bag’s lifespan. 


What Size Bagged Vacuum is Best for a Large Home?

In choosing the perfect bagged vacuum cleaner for a large home, it is also essential to consider other factors, including: 

  • Capacity: Higher capacities allow longer cleaning sessions and faster, more efficient results. However, it is contingent on the other elements in this list.
  • Weight: Never opt for a bagged vacuum heavier than the operator can comfortably handle for extended periods. Excess weight risks injury and will require more frequent stoppages, reducing efficiency. 
  • Manoeuvrability: Bulky, unwieldy bagged vacuum units may have increased power and session times, but they can be awkward to manipulate, risking damage to property and belongings and reducing access to tight areas.  
  • Specific features: Ask yourself if your chosen unit has unique features that can negate any of the points above and whether it is a good trade-off. Extendable accessories and other tools can assist with some of them. 

How to Maintain Your Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

As with all cleaning equipment, cleaning and maintaining it regularly is crucial to ensure consistently high performance and efficiency. Some maintenance tips we recommend at Rugged Industries include:

  • Ensuring the brush roller is clean and free of tangled threads or hair after each use. 
  • Replacing the hoses and filters when they show signs of wear.
  • Monitoring the integrity of the bag and replacing it as necessary. 
  • Double-checking the connection between the bag and the power unit before using.
  • Emptying the bag regularly before it is full. 
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