Company Profile

We are a privately-owned Australian company established in 2011 and a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial backpack vacuum cleaners. Our backpack vacuum cleaners are of bespoke Australian design, locally manufactured, tested by Australian laboratories, and approved by NSW Fair Trading for both domestic and commercial use. Our bagged vacuums bear the Australian-Made logo. This means that you are buying a genuine Australian Made product, supporting not only us, but many other partner Australian companies, andare instrumental in keeping Australians in jobs.

About Us

Forefront to product excellence is the need to improve existing product and to innovate with new products. 2009 saw the introduction of the D'Lite vacuum the lightest 5L powerful backpack vacuum using encapsulated bagged filtration. 2016 the Advantage a worlds's first light commercial bagless cyclonic backpack vacuum was introduced. An Australian patented and award winning design. 2023 we will introduce battery backpack technology to our product range. Product changes and new products reflect changes in work habits, and technological product upgrades

Why Australian Made ?

High labour costs drive Australian cleaners into using backpack vacuums, renowned for their high productivity when compared to upright and canister vacuum cleaners. In a large country like Australia, equipment reliability is important in minimizing expensive downtime from equipment breakdown and servicing. Rugged Industries builds a wide range of commercial-quality backpack vacuum cleaners designed with particular strengths in mind and suited for specific purposes. When we mention Australian-made commercial vacuum cleaners, we talk not only about a place of manufacture, we talk about our wholesalers, dealers, and customers who have contributed by sharing with us their experience and knowledge of backpack vacuum cleaners, this enables us to design and produce better vacuum cleaners suited for Australians. Our designs embrace health issues when it comes to filtration, OH & S for our users, environmental responsibility when it comes to product life, recycling of materials, and power consumption Our vacuum cleaners are government-endorsed, read this blog for full disclosure

Why Rugged Industries ?

Australians are the highest backpack vacuum cleaner users per capita in the world. Australians are deserving of having our bespoke Australian designed and manufactured professional commercial backpack vacuum cleaners. Our vacuum cleaners are significantly better, because we consult with our wholesaler, dealers and cleaners during product development, then incorporate a wish list of pragmatic ideas and features in the product design to ensure providing customer satisfaction. With over 32 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we adopt proven ideas, adapt to new ideas and technological change to bring the best products to our customers. We incorporate in our product designs Australian cleaning industry standards, electrical safety standards, OH & S workplace requirements and equipment requirements. We are the oldest established commercial backpack vacuum cleaner manufacturer in Australia. We ensure spare parts compatibility for our customers for many years after their initial vacuum cleaner purchase.

Awards & Certifications

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