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Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners first appeared in the early 1900s, but it took another 80 years before the first domestic bagless vacuum cleaner appeared on the market. Bagless commercial backpack vacuum cleaners now dominating the domestic market because their vacuuming performance is superior, maintenance is simpler, and they have lower operating costs.

Inspired by Dyson in 1990, it took until 2015 before we could afford to design and develop an Australian-designed lightweight cyclonic commercial bagless backpack vacuum cleaner. At that time, there were no professional lightweight cyclonic bagless backpack vacuum cleaners in the domestic market or cyclonic commercial bagless vacuum cleaners in the commercial market.

What makes cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners so much better?

The vacuum cleaner needs to deliver sustainable performance. This requires a quality motor with sufficient life and power to deliver good airflow for the removal of dust from all types of commercial flooring without overheating.

  1. With cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners, dust separation commences immediately after dirty air enters the vacuum tank. Centrifugal force moves heavier dust to the tank wall, where it loses energy and falls into the bin, while the air flows in the opposite direction, and heads towards the vacuum motor. The fact that there are no media filters used in 3 stages of cyclonic filtration on the Advantage back pack vacuum cleaner ensures it doesn’t suffer the same performance loss as a bagged vacuum when filling, so more dust is vacuumed and the carpet gets cleaner.
  2. With bagged vacuum cleaners, dust and air follow the same path into the filter bag. Performance loss starts immediately when the bag soils. Lightweight Cyclonic Bagless back pack vacuum cleaners were invented to overcome this very problem. Users with bagged vacuum cleaners don’t clean or dispose of a partially filled dust bag, mainly because of cost. Vacuuming performance is also continually reducing as the vacuum cleaner fills. The vacuum cleaner is then often stored with a partially-filled bag.
  3. We usually vacuum very small amounts of dust. Dust is heavy, weighing about 2.7kg/litre. On the other hand, vacuumed dirt is mostly organic material made up of human skin, insects, dust mites, carpet fibre, hair, microbes, faeces, and more. All this weighs on average 0.2kg/litre, less than 1/10th the weight of dust.
  4. In storage, organic materials rot, microbes multiply, and dust mites produce more faeces, all releasing pungent odours. On startup, these gases are purged and that is why some bagged vacuum cleaners smell bad. With bagless cyclone vacuum cleaners, disposal of dirt is FREE and we recommend users not store or transport vacuumed dirt. Additionally, for the Advantage back pack vacuum cleaner dust bin, we use antimicrobial plastic materials to reduce the risk of microbe propagation. Our cyclonic professional bagless vacuum cleaners provide a cleaner, better, and healthier environment.
  5. Unfortunately, swirling the air in cyclonic bagless back pack vacuum cleaners increases airflow losses. To compensate for these losses, we use a more powerful vacuum motor. A more powerful vacuum motor maintains airflow longer when under load, which means better cleaning performance.
  6. To minimise airflow losses at the floor tool, we make two types of bagless vacuum cleaners that satisfy distinctly different applications. The Advantage Turbo is supplied with a Turbo brush that maintains good airflow and removes dust from the carpet using agitation, up to 2-3 times more when compared to a low-profile floor tool. These features allow the Advantage Turbo cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner to deliver higher dust removal per square metre of carpet. The Advantage Mega Pro also has good airflow at the nozzle but the wider Mega Gulper floor tool provides 30% more dust removal per hour, through faster and better coverage.
  7. Emptying the bin on the Advantage vacuum cleaner is easy. Press a button and empty it into a rubbish bin. Use the microfiber duster and wipe clean the filter mesh to remove any light material, and tap the cyclone bin to remove loose fluff between the cyclone chambers – it’s best, easy, simple, quick, and convenient.
  8. Of course, having a clear bin you can see the fill level. If you accidentally vacuum a valuable item you will be able to see and find it in the bin.
  9. Filtration in lightweight cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners is approximately 99.4% efficient. We provide 10 backup Motor filters with each vacuum cleaner. They provide HEPA filtration and are maintained by rinsing with warm water. We estimate six rinse cycles per filter before disposal. We estimate annual filter savings compared to bagged vacuums of $100.00 with light commercial use.

Purchase Bagless Vacuum Cleaners from Us

To assist with the use and maintenance of our Advantage lightweight bagless vacuums, we attach a QR code sticker to the vacuum cleaner that the user can scan, providing access to four short explainer videos.

For users in remote areas in Australia who would have difficulty obtaining consumable paper bags, lightweight bagless vacuum cleaners may be an option for them.
Experience the best in commercial cleaning with our back pack Vacuum Cleaners.

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