Should I buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner?
The Advantage bagless vacuum cleaner is suitable for vacuuming dry materials, indoor domestic and commercial applications, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops, offices or areas with low levels of soiling requiring deep cleaning. It is not suitable for outdoor or industrial use, vacuuming liquids, construction sites, warehouses, workshops, vehicle bays, vacuuming cement, gyprock, plaster board, sand pits, high traffic areas with high levels of soiling, where deep cleaning is not required.
Is Advantage suitable for vacuuming fine dust?
Yes, in small quantities such as on carpets. For optimum perfomance, use the Turbo Brush to increase the air flow even more.
Is a bagless vacuum cleaner that good?

Yes. Tried, tested and compared against other bagged vacuum cleaners, the Advantage has less airflow loss, which means more suction and a better, more thorough clean. However, those who are looking to purchase the Advantage to clean high dust areas like workshops, might still prefer a bagged cleaner. We have tabled some of those results and compared them to a 5L bagged vacuum with a similar motor power. This is shown in the grey colored column in the table below,


Domestic Commercial Commercial Commercial 5L Bagged Vacuum
Soil Type Fibre/Fluff/Hair Dust/Large Objects Fibre/Dust/Large Objects Fibre/Dust/Large Objects
Floor Type Wool Carpet / Tiles Rough Concrete Synthetic Carpet / Rough Concrete Synthetic Carpet
Area vacuumed 100m² Carpet / 100m²Tiles 300m² 100m² Carpet / 300m² Concrete 720m²
Floor Tool Combination + Turbo Brush Combination Mega Gulper Floor Tool Turbo Brush
Vacuum Time 1 hr 1 ½ hr 2/3 hr 3 ¾hr
Dirt In Bin / Bag 250g 435g 380g 228g
Dirt Motor Filter 0.11g 0.25g 0.32g N/A
Soil Removal Rate 250g/hr 290g/hr 570g/hr 61g/hr
Vacuuming Rate 200m2/hr 200m2/hr 600m2/hr 192m2/hr
Cyclone Efficiency 99.96% 99.94% 99.92% N/A
Air Flow Loss 0.6% 1.3% 1.7% 37.60%
Dust Re-emission <0.01% <0.01% <0.01% <0.1%


Photos of dirt vacuumed

Different types of vacuum cleaner dirt one can expect to come across in the commercial cleaning industry

The results show that Advantage removes more soil from floors, and has less airflow loss. We use air flow above any other parameter as an indicator for performance, because it’s air movement that removes dirt.

Some customers transitioning from bagged vacuums to the Advantage cyclone back pack vacuum, struggle with having to empty the bin and disposing of the rubbish more frequently. This process is called cleaning and we are happy to know, we do it better than many others.

Which tool should I use for cleaning carpets?
The Turbo Brush attachment is the best for carpets to remove dust, hair and fibres. This tool allows more air flow which improves the suction of the motor, leaving a cleaner surface.
Which tool should I use for wooden or hard floors?
The combination floor tool is the best one to use because of the bristles, which help to sweep and release the particles first, before suction. Dust will stick to flat or textured surfaces because of electrical charge, friction and compression from foot traffic.
How do I clean the tank and mesh filter on the Advantage?

The Microfibre duster allows you to wipe the inside easily. Simply release the bottom compartment over a bin and run the duster through the inside.

How do I remove hair from the Turbo Brush Tool?

The Turbo Brush is designed with a built in groove that allows you to cut the hair with a Stanley Knife or sharp point scissors. Once it’s cut, it’s easy to pull out.

Demonstrating how to remove hair from the Turbo Brush Tool

How do I clean the Motor Filter?

Turn off and unplug the machine. Remove the filter cap. Remove the dirty filter and tap our excess, built up dust. Rinse under water until the water runs clear. Allow the filter to DRY COMPLETELY before replacing back into the machine.

Hand resting on the Rugged Advantage motor filter showcasing how to clean it

Why does my bagged vacuum overheat and cut out?

This normally happens when you’re vacuuming lot’s of dust. To fix it, you can:

  1. Use a paper bag liner to increase the filtration area, which allows you to vacuum longer.
  2. Replace your paper bag more often as it might be at capacity.
  3. Choose the Turbo Brush tool which allows the nozzle a greater air flow.
Will I feel the heat from the motor on my back when using the machine?

The Advantage is designed to ensure that you won’t feel the heat from motor on your back during operation.

Visual diagram of the Rugged Advantage vacuum cleaner's motor exhaust direction and insulation features to minimise heat felt by the user

How hot is the air from the vacuum cleaner?
There are several factors that contribute to the exhaust air temperature. Room temperature, the speed of the motor and the cleanliness of your motor filter. For example, at a room temperature of 20, with a 1300W to 1500W motor filter, the exhaust air will be between 57 and 63. If this airflow is reduced by 35%-40% due to a dirty or inadequate filter, the temperature will increase to 100 which is when the built-in thermostat is activated.
How do I fold the cord correctly?

Tuck in the shoulder pads and wrap the waist band around. Drape the cord over the frame to keep it together.

Rugged Advantage bagless backpack vacuum on a stool with the cord draped over the vacuum cleaner's frame

What's the difference between a bagged and bagless vacuum cleaner?

Read this blog here for full disclosure.

How do cyclonic vacuum cleaners work?

Advantage is a dry vacuum cleaner and should NEVER be used for vacuuming liquids, but for the purpose of demonstrating the cyclonic effect and sealing function, we have used water.

The clear bin on the vacuum cleaner is made from polycarbonate which can flex without breaking. From the video it can be seen that when water enters the tank, it is forced centrifugally to the tank walls, then it drains into the Bin Lid below. At the same time the tank walls are sucked in slightly by vacuum from the motor, tightening it onto the Bin Lid Seal, and preventing water from spilling out.

The Bin Lid holds 700ml of water, and under suction there is no water leaks past the Bin Seal, nor is there water migrating into the motor compartment from the motor suction. Motor suction enhances the sealing.

This is one of the amazing features of cyclonic vacuum cleaners, and a clear demonstration of how cyclonic separation takes place.

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