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Choosing the appropriate accessory for a vacuum cleaner affects its cleaning ability immensely, more so than the use of a more powerful motor with greater suction e.g. the same vacuum cleaner fitted with an electric brush, will extract up to 600% more dust from the carpet than a low profile floor tool, and by using the wide Megapro low profile floor tool, you achieve 30% greater coverage than a regular low profile floor tool. We have available a wide range of quality accessories to suit most applications.

Vacuum Cleaner Motor & Gasket

Vacuum Cleaner Motors & Gaskets

Vacuum Cleaner Motors:

There are four motor types used in the Rugged Industries backpack vacuum cleaner range,

  • The Impress backpack vacuum cleaner motor is rated at 1000W, with a Flo Thru design, and twin turbine fan blades to provide high suction at low rpm. The Flo Thru motor design uses filtered vacuum cleaner air for cooling, with the built-in thermostat protecting the motor from overheating. The motor uses a cast aluminium fan end bracket which reduces motor vibration and provides sturdy support for the motor bearings. This motor has a long life. The motor has replaceable carbon brushes that can extend the motor life by another 50%.
  • The Excite backpack vacuum cleaner motor is rated at 1000W, with a peripheral Bypass design, and twin turbine fan blades to provide high suction at low rpm. At the opposite end of the motor, there is a cooling fan to prevent the motor from overheating, instead of a thermostat. The motor has replaceable carbon brushes that can extend the motor life by another 50%.
  • The D’Lite backpack vacuum cleaner motor is rated at 1300W, with a Flo Thru design, and a single high-efficiency turbine fan blade to provide high suction at high rpm. The Flo Thru motor design uses filtered vacuum cleaner air for cooling, with a thermostat protecting the motor from overheating. The motor is lightweight to reduce operator fatigue while vacuuming.
  • The Advantage backpack vacuum cleaner motor is rated at 1450W, with a Flo Thru design, and a single high-efficiency turbine fan blade to provide high suction at high rpm. The Flo Thru motor design uses filtered vacuum cleaner air for cooling, with the thermostat protecting the motor from overheating. The motor is lightweight and reduces operator fatigue while vacuuming.

Vacuum Cleaner Cords & Electrical

Vacuum Cleaner Cords and Electrical Parts

Vacuum Cleaner Electrical Cord:

Rugged Industries backpack vacuum cleaners are equipped with durable power cords, perfect for indoor use.A long extension cord reduces the number of plug-ins allowing cleaners to vacuum longer and be more productive, while the lightweight design ensures it’s not tiring to manoeuvre. The cord is:

  • 18m long, 7.4mm in diameter.
  • Australian-approved Safety Orange
  • PVC-insulated and PVC-sheathed
  • PVC three pin plug and socket
  • 10A
  • V75 rated

Vacuum Cleaner Switch:

We use an 18(12)A power rated, double pole, single throw rocker switch with IP55 protection and T85 temperature rating, for switching the power on our vacuum cleaners.
The IP55 protection rating is for both dust and water, the power rating 18A is for resistive and 12A inductive loads. T85 is the upper limiting temperature. A highly-rated vacuum cleaner switch offers reliability, which means reduced downtime and lower service costs.

Vacuum Cleaner Power Inlet:

The power inlet for Advantage and D’Lite vacuum cleaners is a 3-pin IEC C14 10A rated snap-in connector, which provides a quick and easy power connection to the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner Power Outlet:

Rugged Industries power outlets are provided on all bagged vacuum cleaners, for use with electrical powered brushes. The power outlets are rated to 200W and use IEC C13 2 pin sockets.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Filters

Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Filters

Vacuum Cleaner Cloth Filters:

Our cloth filters are custom-made for high dust holding, filtration efficiency, and serviceability. The cloth filter bags are made from homogeneous material and are treated with antimicrobial additives to prevent microbe growth and dust release agents, so they can be easily cleaned. Each filter bag has a bag shaker to aid in emptying.

Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Filters:

We offer two types of paper bag filters: low-cost single-lined bags and high-volume double-lined bags. A paper bag filter is used as a liner for a cloth filter. It provides an extra layer of filtration for the vacuum cleaner and is highly recommended. It reduces the soiling of the cloth filter and motor filter by 100-fold, saving cleaners valuable time in filter cleaning. It also provides easy and convenient dirt disposal.

Vacuum Cleaner Motor Filters:

Our motor filters are constructed from synthetic pleated material to prevent rotting, are Teflon-coated for easier dust release, and have high-efficiency HEPA 10 rating. They are low cost, rinseable in warm water, and can be refurbished up to six times before replacement.

Vacuum Cleaner Frame & Harness

Vacuum Cleaner Frames & Harnesses

Vacuum Cleaner Frame:

All the vacuum cleaner frames are made from tough lightweight materials and have provisions for attaching shoulder pads, back pads, and waist pads without tools. This allows users to easily do part replacements without paying for expensive services.

Vacuum Cleaner Shoulder Pad:

All our vacuum cleaners use a four-piece set of contoured high-density foam, shoulder pads with a 25mm wide seat belt strapping, and ladder lock buckles to provide comfortable body fit, strength, and adjustability. The outer covering uses thick sweat-repelling nylon to provide excellent wear and good hygiene. Assembly is tool-free, eliminating the need to pay for expensive services. An adjustable, removable, and replaceable sternum strap is added for those who want additional harness support.

Vacuum Cleaner Waist Pad:

Our waist pads are constructed using twin foam layers for soft tissue protection and added resilience, thick sweat-repelling nylon cover for excellent wear and good hygiene. Overlock stitching is used for added strength. For wearing, we use hook-and-loop stretch elastic fastening which fits all sizes. The waist pad has space for two onboard tools that can be convenient for some users.

Vacuum Cleaner Tools & Accessories

Vacuum Cleaner Tools and Accessories

Vacuum Cleaner Electric Brush Floor Tool:

This is the best tool for dust removal from carpets. This floor tool plugs into the vacuum cleaner’s auxiliary power outlet and the electrical cord clips onto the vacuum cleaner rods. This 355mm-wide tool enhances productivity, as the high-speed rotating brush and the large internal nozzle supply good airflow. This provides up to 5-6 times more dust removal from carpet compared to a low profile floor tool.
It is also excellent for aerating the carpet pile and removing trapped hair. It maintains a healthy carpet and extends carpet life. The vacuum cleaner electric brush and the vacuum cleaner offer better value than an upright vacuum cleaner, and the electric brush’s lower profile makes it more convenient to use in tight places. However, it is not suitable for vacuuming larger bulky materials.

Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Brush Floor Tool:

This is a budget carpet tool that uses carpet pile agitation from the brush roller to provide superior dust removal. It is powered by the vacuum cleaner’s suction and airflow, making it very convenient to use. The 280mm-wide tool has been customised to generate high agitation which provides 2-3 times more dust removal compared to a low-profile floor tool.
At Rugged Industries, we use the Wessel-Werk TK 284 Turbo Brush, equipped with a self-adjusting brush roller that responds to bristle wear and variations in carpet pile. It can also be used on hard floors but we do not recommend it for wooden floors where there may be blemishes on the timber coating.

Vacuum Cleaner Low Profile Floor Tool:

Rugged Industry’s low profile floor tool, also known as a Gulper Head is the EZ2GO™ floor tool. The EZ2GO floor tool is 285mm wide and fitted with rubber moulded tyres to reduce noise on hard floors. This floor tool is popular with commercial cleaners because it provides good airflow at the head, is light in operation, fits under low-profile kickboards, and can be used to vacuum bulky materials. We use it on all our vacuum cleaners, except for the Advantage Mega Pro.

Vacuum Cleaner Mega Gulper Pro Floor Tool:

This is a 385mm-wide low-profile floor tool designed to pick up more dust through higher coverage. It is suited to vacuuming larger areas or for cleaners who simply need to get the job work done quickly. It is a strong robust floor tool fitted with ball-bearing wheels, rubberised tyre treads, and a peripheral bumper to cushion knocks.

Vacuum Cleaner Combination Floor Tool:

Our combination floor tool is 300mm wide and uses a single button to extend the brush bristles for hard floors. The single lever operation avoids confusion on which foot to use to swap the function. This tool is useful when you need to transition from carpet to a hard floor in an instant. The combination floor tool provides good dust pickup on the carpet and the bristles clean hard floors better.

Vacuum Cleaner Hard Floor Tool:

The periphery of this tool features synthetic brush fibres that provide a sweep and vacuum function when vacuuming. Dust on hard floors is strongly held by an electrostatic charge and the brush bristles help release that dust, resulting in a cleaner floor. Productivity is high with the 36cm-wide hard floor tool, while the all-plastic construction eliminates accidental gouging of the floor during use.

Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool:

The crevice tool we provide is 270mm long and has a nozzle aperture of 300mm 2 . The longer length allows you to reach deeper when vacuuming chairs and sofas while the side slot prevents front-on nozzle blockage. Crevice tools are designed to vacuum dust, heavy objects, and hair entangled in the carpet fibre. It is useful for vacuuming in
narrow confines such as sliding door tracks.

Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush:

Our elliptical swivel neck dusting brush is super handy. The swivel neck can be adjusted to vacuum horizontal and vertical surfaces. The long bristles enable vacuuming in wall corners. The larger diameter bristle fibres provide resilience and return to shape after being deformed.

Vacuum Cleaner Upholstery Tool:

This is convenient for vacuuming upholstery, steps, and narrow spaces.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose and Vacuum Cleaner Rods:

Vacuum Cleaner Rods:

We use two-piece stainless steel rods for all our vacuum cleaners. Stainless Steel rods are naturally corrosion-resistant, lighter than chrome rods, and much stronger than aluminium and plastic rods. We do not recommend telescopic rods as any knock or corrosion to the tracks on these will disable the adjusting ability and reduce efficiency. Vacuum cleaners are usually stored with cleaning chemicals in a cleaner’s room. Corrosive cleaning chemical fumes cause chrome rods to rust quickly, whereas stainless steel rods are not affected.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose:

We use a “crush-proof” antimicrobial vacuum cleaner hose. Vacuumed dust-containing microbes can get caught in the hose convolutions. The antimicrobial additives kill those microbes and by doing so, provide odour control. The “crush-proof” features are provided by using thicker material with better abrasion resistance to reduce wear and prevent hose collapse.

Vacuum Cleaner Hardware

Vacuum Cleaner Hardware

The Advantages of Our Services

Supplying customers with spare parts is no imposition for us because parts are integral to our production stock. Part stock is always on hand and our product reliability is excellent. We have spare parts support for some vacuums that are more than 20 years old. We are not vacuum cleaner importers who need to separately plan for spare part stock. We sympathize with people who have purchased foreign-made vacuum cleaners and experienced part failure, then find out the replacement part is either no longer available or has a long lead time. Usually, the customer is left with no other choice than to upgrade to a newer more expensive vacuum model. Buying clone spare parts can be hazardous, risky, and possibly illegal if it's an electrical item. We can assure you that when you buy from us you are buying the best quality parts at the best price. Are you interested in taking our services? Please feel free to contact us on (02) 9680 0052 and discuss options.
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