Hello Cyclone Technology

Similar to cyclones in nature, low pressure is created by the vacuum motor providing suction
and 300 kph swirling air flow.

Goodbye Dust!

Heavier dust is separated from the air centrifugally and forced to the cyclone walls, which then fall into the dust bin at the bottom.

Goodbye Bag!

No bags, no hassle. Designed for optimum convenience, and excellent for the environment.

Goodbye Microbes!

The 3 stage multicyclone system together with antimicrobial odour control filter technology provides 99.98% filtration efficiency and an added level of hygiene.

Why choose bagless?

Mighty suction, strong, and powerful, Advantage cleans better and faster. The long life motor reduces down time and replacement cost. The patented bagless multi-cyclone together with antimicrobial and odour control technology, provides 99.98% filtration efficiency and an added level of hygiene, with these features Advantage is already a winner. Come join the winners.

More versatile

With a full complement of tools provided with each machine, every vacuuming task is achievable


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