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Select The Right Vacuum For Your Needs. All Our Rugged Vacuum Cleaners Are Manufactured To The Highest Quality Standards.

Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

The world's first commercial bagless back pack vacuum cleaner. Winner of the Inclean innovation awards

Bagged Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Reduce the risk of allergens by using a high level HEPA filtration bagged vacuum. Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia

Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Convenient cordless vacuuming. Highly commercial, 75 minutes runtime. 100% power all the time. Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia

Pullman Products

Reduce the risk of allergens by using a high level HEPA filtration Pullman vacuum.

High-Quality Vacuum Cleaners For Commercial Applications

Successful commercial cleaning businesses pride themselves on the cleaning services provided to their customers. Using the best commercial cleaning vacuum cleaner they provide high quality cleaning, together with equipment reliability, minimising costly downtime, expensive service repairs, and eliminates the need for backup vacuums. Commercial cleaning vacuums, in contrast to domestic vacuum cleaners, are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial cleaning through the use of strong construction materials and quality parts. Domestic vacuum cleaners average about 45 minutes of use per week in a home environment. They are not designed for long hours of use and cannot match the longevity of commercial cleaning vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaner performance is essential in delivering good cleaning results. Rugged Industries commercial lightweight cleaning vacuums are fitted with high-quality long-life motors, deliver good suction, high airflow, low dust emission and quality exhaust air.
The content of a paper lined cloth filter on Impress vacuum cleaner after vacuuming a sweeper bin
Bin content of Rugged Advantage Vacuum cleaner after vacuuming dog hair
The ability to vacuum dirt off the floor depends on the floor type and floor tool used. The selection of the appropriate floor tool relies on the expertise and experience of the cleaning staff. Cleaners assess the type and level of soiling and select the most appropriate floor tool to do the job. At Rugged Industries we have a wide range of vacuum cleaning tools that can cover most applications. The Mega Gulper floor tool is ideal for large floor coverage in the shortest time. For deep pile carpet cleaning and the highest dust removal from carpet, an electric power brush can be conveniently plugged into the auxiliary power outlet on the vacuum cleaner. The Turbo Brush is perfect for budget deep pile carpet cleaning and pet hair removal. For general purpose carpet cleaning the EZ2GO floor tool is the best all-rounder. For timber and hard floors, we recommend the use of a dedicated hard floor tool. For detail vacuuming, we have an upholstery tool, a swivel neck dusting brush, and a crevice tool.
A Rugged Industries commercial cleaning vacuum has a high-efficiency filtration system that minimises the operator’s exposure to dust and emission to the environment. Rugged Industries commercial cleaning vacuums use 3-stage filters, where the final stage is an Efficient Particulate Air Filter that filters sub-micron dust particles. To maintain good vacuuming performance, particularly with bagged commercial cleaning vacuums, the filter media plays an important role. For our D’Lite vacuum cleaner, the disposable paper filter is double-lined, which enhances filtration efficiency and allows the user to vacuum longer. This reduces the frequency of paper bag disposal and increases savings. All the cloth filter bags use homogeneous scrim-reinforced antimicrobial needle-felt with surface dust-release agents. This feature enables the filter bag to shed dust from its surface, allowing the bag to completely fill. The homogeneous material allows the filter bag to be restored by vacuuming and the antimicrobial properties prevent microbe propagation and kill certain microbes when in contact for a longer time. Our expertise at Rugged Industries is manufacturing commercial backpack vacuum cleaners for sale. Light commercial vacuum cleaners are challenging to manufacture because materials need to be lightweight, strong, and durable. Our D’Lite commercial backpack vacuum cleaner is not only the lightest backpack vacuum cleaner in the range, it also has the largest capacity, most powerful motor, and lowest noise. D’Lite also uses an encapsulated double-lined paper bag filter to provide a high level of filtration, enhanced run time, and advanced hygiene properties for handling dust. It is very popular in the health industry, aged care facilities, and for those with allergies, where handling of dust or the risk of contamination is of concern.
D’Lite 3 stage filtration system
Buy commercial vacuum cleaners from Rugged Industries, located in Sydney NSW. Rugged Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial cleaning vacuum equipment in Australia and we are confident when shopping with us that you will find a vacuum cleaner that suits you. It will be the best commercial vacuum cleaner and it will be Australian Made. To assist in the selection of the professional vacuum cleaners we provide a convenient selection guide on our website. Based on the industry you work in and your preference, the ideal vacuum cleaner is automatically selected.

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