How to Connect a 3 pin Bayonet Hose Fitting to the Tank.

Step 1. Insert the 3 lugs of the bayonet fitting into the tank fitting gaps.

Step 2. Slightly rotate the Tank fitting so the lugs engage with the bayonet fitting tracks

Step 3. The first stop in the bayonet track DOES NOT ENGAGE THE BAYONET, it is a rest stop. The rubber seal is not compressed so there is no seal. The tank fitting and hose will fall out at this point.

Step 4. Turn the bayonet fitting a bit further along the bayonet ramp so that it can compress the rubber seal. Note the bulging rubber seal as it is being compressed.

Step 5. Lock the tank fitting lugs into the bayonet slot. Note the compression on the rubber seal the Tank Fitting / hose won’t come OFF.

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