How to Quickly Clean the Advantage Outer Bin and Cyclone Tubes.

1) Low Soiling Level of Dust Bin.

Pic 1 is an example of dust collected from a domestic application with high levels of carpet fiber, hair, and fluff. The bin is “clean” after vacuuming with almost no dust deposit on the Bin walls. Loose fiber trapped between the Inner and Outer Bin walls can be tapped out with the microfiber duster.
Pic 1. Shows a “clean” bin with minimal dust deposit on the bin wall.

2) High Soiling Level of Dust Bin

When vacuuming in areas with high dust levels, it is important to remove as much filtered dust held in the cyclone bin, to prevent any chance of dust reentry into the airstream. The inside of the Outer Bin is more heavily soiled because first-stage fine dust cyclonic filters have higher levels of dust concentration than the second group of cyclonic filters.
Pic 2 shows a bin from a commercial cleaning application where the dust has not been tapped out sufficiently.
Pic 3 shows the bin after whacking the dust out with the microfiber duster
Pic 4 shows the amount of dust removed from the bin after several firm whacks.

3) Tapping / Whacking Dust From The Bin

4) Testing The Re-soiling Level

  • With the bin emptied and tapped out, replace the Motor Filter with a new clean one.
  • Remove the Hose from the vacuum cleaner, switch power ON and run for about a minute. Intermittently block and release the airflow with your hand at the vacuum cleaner inlet, this helps to purge loose dust using pulsed high airflow.
  • When the Motor Filter soiling is minimal, the circuit is dust free.

5) Clean the Cyclone Tubes with Compressed Air

The Outer Bin clips onto the Inner Bin Refer to the Video on how to remove Outer Bin, how to blow cyclone tubes out with air from a compressor, and re-assembling the Outer Bin.

6) Wash The Outer Bin with Water and a Garden Sprayer

Pic 5 Washing The Inside of The Outer Bin

7) Vacuum The Inner Bin

Pic 6 Vacuuming the Inner Bin

8) For Operation and Use

Scan the QR Label and follow video instructions for correct vacuum cleaner use and maintenance
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