Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Filters

Vacuum Cleaner Cloth Filters:

Our cloth filters are custom-made for high dust holding, filtration efficiency, and serviceability. The cloth filter bags are made from homogeneous material and are treated with antimicrobial additives to prevent microbe growth and dust release agents, so they can be easily cleaned. Each filter bag has a bag shaker to aid in emptying.

Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Filters:

We offer two types of paper bag filters: low-cost single-lined bags and high-volume double-lined bags. A paper bag filter is used as a liner for a cloth filter. It provides an extra layer of filtration for the vacuum cleaner and is highly recommended. It reduces the soiling of the cloth filter and motor filter by 100-fold, saving cleaners valuable time in filter cleaning. It also provides easy and convenient dirt disposal.

Vacuum Cleaner Motor Filters:

Our motor filters are constructed from synthetic pleated material to prevent rotting, are Teflon-coated for easier dust release, and have high-efficiency HEPA 10 rating. They are low cost, rinseable in warm water, and can be refurbished up to six times before replacement.

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