Bagged Vacuum Cleaners in Brisbane

Rugged Industries creates vacuum cleaners distinguished by their dynamic power, ergonomic designs, and superior cleaning performance. Combining precise engineering and local manufacturing, each bagged vacuum cleaner is suitable for a broad range of cleaning applications. Rugged Industries is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturer of commercial backpack vacuums. Our innovative commercial vacuum cleaners are designed in Australia, locally manufactured, and comprehensively tested by Australian laboratories, before being sold in Brisbane. Recognised for our commitment to local manufacturing, the Rugged Industries bagged vacuum range has even been licensed by the ‘Australian Made’ campaign.

Benefits of bagged vacuum cleaners

Bagged backpack vacuums are particularly suited to commercial applications, as dust and dirt can be easily disposed of between each cleaning task. Bagged models can efficiently handle different types and levels of soiling, without loose material affecting the vacuum. The bags can be effortlessly removed and replaced, not only getting rid of accumulated dust but also refreshing part of the vacuum’s filtration system. Rugged Industries bagged vacuums use high capacity dust bags, providing more space for the collection of dust and dirt. As a result, larger spaces can be vacuumed and more cleaning can be accomplished without needing to swap out the bag.

The perfect vacuum cleaner for you

Rugged Industries has designed and manufactured a range of bagged vacuum cleaners to handle a variety of different cleaning applications. The right bagged vacuum cleaner helps you to achieve more effective performance and superior results.
  • Rugged D’Lite: D’Lite is an optimal option for the health and aged care industries, featuring encapsulated double-lined filter bags and high levels of HEPA filtration. This minimises cross-contamination and exposure to allergens while vacuuming or disposing of collected dust. Hygienic dust collection combines with a large five-litre capacity and lightweight design. In fact, D’Lite is the lightest of the Rugged Industries bagged vacuum cleaners available in Brisbane.
  • Rugged Excite: Excite is a versatile bagged backpack vacuum, fitted with a twin-turbine peripheral by-pass motor designed to remain cool at low airflow. This vacuum can be used in areas where liquid spills may be present, reducing electrical shorts when liquids are accidentally vacuumed.
  • Rugged Impress: The Impress is a four-litre bagged backpack vacuum powered by a long-life twin-turbine flow-through motor. The lightweight and low-footprint construction, combined with the high levels of HEPA filtration, are sure to Impress.

Features of bagged vacuum cleaners

Every Rugged Industries bagged vacuum has been engineered to suit various cleaning applications, but each has a selection of premium features including:
  • H10 Class HEPA Filters: These high-quality filters efficiently remove dust and dirt from vacuumed air. Each HEPA filter is conveniently rinseable, to prolong vacuum effectiveness and hygiene.
  • Antimicrobial Hose: The corrugated hose has been treated with antimicrobial additives to eliminate any microbes present within vacuumed dust and dirt.
  • Auxiliary Power Outlet: Each bagged vacuum features an auxiliary power outlet that connects to the optional Electric Brush floor tool. This tool makes use of a high-speed rotating brush and large internal nozzle for improved dust pickup on carpet.
  • Swivel Neck Dusting Brush: Able to be used both horizontally and vertically, the Dusting Brush features long, thick bristles to achieve a thorough clean.
  • Crevice Tool: The longer reach and slim nozzle of the Crevice Tool is designed for cleaning narrow spaces, corners, and upholstery.
  • EZ2GO Floor Tool: Ideal for cleaning carpet, hard flooring, and picking up bulky materials, the EZ2GO tool delivers excellent airflow, directed through its wide inlet mouth.
  • Spare Filters: Rugged Industries includes a spare antimicrobial cloth bag and 10 paper bag filters with each bagged vacuum, reducing after-purchase expenses.
For more information on the range of Rugged Industries bagged vacuum cleaners in Brisbane, give us a call on (02) 9680 0052 or send an email to contactus@ruggedindustries.com.au.
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