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Battery Pack Pair Model BL18105B For Rugged ELVA Cordless Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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Model: BL18105B

Part No. 16001006

Description: Battery Pack 18V 10.5Ah Model BL18105B

Application: Fits Rugged Elva backpack Model 15721400

Features: The Battery Management System (BMS) has computerized diagnostic capability. The BMS electronics provide single-cell monitoring to protect battery cells from overcharging, over-discharging, overtemperature, overcurrent, and electrical short circuits. For a quick check of the battery charge level, press the button on the battery end, and a 4-bar red light indicator will show the battery capacity levels of 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. The battery case is made of robust, impact—resistant, non-flammable plastic. Its design includes ventilation slots, ensuring efficient cooling even during rapid charging. This durability and cooling feature enhances the longevity of your Rugged Elva backpack vacuum cleaner.

Cell Type: Lithium Ion INR 18650 3500 mAh high energy.

Battery Pack Power: 189 Wh

Pack Weight: 0.99 kg

Pack Nominal Voltage: 18V d.c.

Capacity: 10.5Ah Size: L 116mm x W 75mm x D 81mm

Packaging Size: 15.3cm x 13.5 cm x 9cm


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