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Choosing the appropriate accessory for a vacuum cleaner affects its cleaning ability immensely, more so than the use of a more powerful motor with greater suction e.g. the same vacuum cleaner fitted with an electric brush, will extract up to 600% more dust from the carpet than a low profile floor tool, and by using the wide Megapro low profile floor tool, you achieve 30% greater coverage than a regular low profile floor tool. We have available a wide range of quality accessories to suit most applications.

Batteries & Chargers


Elva uses two high-energy Li-ion 18 V d.c battery packs, which provide 378 Wh of energy and 70 minutes of runtime at full power. Elva effectively drives the Wessel-werk TK 284 turbo brush, which is used by customers who require a higher level of cleaning when vacuuming low-profile carpets. Elva’s battery system is designed for convenience. The ‘hot shoe’ battery holder, a user-friendly feature, ensures easy battery connection. Slide the battery into the holder, which will securely snap into position. To remove the battery, press the battery button and slide it out. It’s that easy! Each battery pack has a 4-level “fuel gauge” indicator to show the “state of charge” (SOC).

Press the battery button to read the SOC. Each battery pack uses a battery management system (BMS) with single-cell monitoring for protection from overcharging, over-temperature, over-current, and electrical short circuits. Battery Charger Batteries are recharged using the DC18RG dual port pulse current rapid charger, which recharges two flat batteries in 105 minutes.

This quick charging time ensures that your batteries are always ready for use when you need them. Pulse charging has a short relaxation period and short discharge pulses during the charging cycle. It helps eliminate concentration polarization at the cell anode and cathode, which increases power transfer and improves battery life..

The charger fan cools the battery pack when charging, reducing charging time and increasing user productivity. The digital power display indicates the battery and charging status, and the melody tone alert indicates when charging has been completed. The DC18RG charger has an advanced intelligent battery and communication system. This system protects the battery cells by providing comprehensive over-discharge, overheating, and overload protection. With this feature, you can rest assured that your batteries are safe.

Vacuum Cleaner Hardware

Vacuum Cleaner Hardware

The Advantages of Our Services

Supplying customers with spare parts is no imposition for us because parts are integral to our production stock. Part stock is always on hand and our product reliability is excellent. We have spare parts support for some vacuums that are more than 20 years old. We are not vacuum cleaner importers who need to separately plan for spare part stock. We sympathize with people who have purchased foreign-made vacuum cleaners and experienced part failure, then find out the replacement part is either no longer available or has a long lead time. Usually, the customer is left with no other choice than to upgrade to a newer more expensive vacuum model. Buying clone spare parts can be hazardous, risky, and possibly illegal if it's an electrical item. We can assure you that when you buy from us you are buying the best quality parts at the best price. Are you interested in taking our services? Please feel free to contact us on (02) 9680 0052 and discuss options.
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