Vacuum Cleaner Frames & Harnesses

Vacuum Cleaner Frame:

All the vacuum cleaner frames are made from tough lightweight materials and have provisions for attaching shoulder pads, back pads, and waist pads without tools. This allows users to easily do part replacements without paying for expensive services.

Vacuum Cleaner Shoulder Pad:

All our vacuum cleaners use a four-piece set of contoured high-density foam, shoulder pads with a 25mm wide seat belt strapping, and ladder lock buckles to provide comfortable body fit, strength, and adjustability. The outer covering uses thick sweat-repelling nylon to provide excellent wear and good hygiene. Assembly is tool-free, eliminating the need to pay for expensive services. An adjustable, removable, and replaceable sternum strap is added for those who want additional harness support.

Vacuum Cleaner Waist Pad:

Our waist pads are constructed using twin foam layers for soft tissue protection and added resilience, thick sweat-repelling nylon cover for excellent wear and good hygiene. Overlock stitching is used for added strength. For wearing, we use hook-and-loop stretch elastic fastening which fits all sizes. The waist pad has space for two onboard tools that can be convenient for some users.

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