Rugged Industries Backpack Vacuums in Perth

Rugged Industries engineers vacuums that exemplify exceptional performance. With dynamic power, multi-stage filtration, and ergonomic designs, each backpack vacuum delivers superior results across a broad range of cleaning applications. At Rugged Industries, all our innovative products are designed, manufactured, and comprehensively tested in Australia, ensuring each meets our high standards of cleaning performance. Rugged Industries has even been licensed by the ‘Australian Made’ campaign, demonstrating our commitment to local manufacturing. When you purchase a Rugged Industries product in Perth, not only are you buying a premium commercial vacuum cleaner, you are investing in over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry.

Choosing the right vacuum for your needs

Rugged Industries has a selection of backpack vacuum cleaners available for sale in Perth designed to suit different cleaning requirements. The range of Rugged Industries vacuums include:
  • Rugged Advantage: Advantage is the world’s first commercial bagless backpack vacuum, featuring powerful suction, HEPA filtration, and patented 3-stage cyclone technology. Choose between the Rugged Advantage Turbo and Rugged Advantage Mega-Pro.
  • Rugged Impress: With a four-litre capacity, lightweight construction, rinseable HEPA filter, and long-life twin-turbine flow-through motor, the Impress bagged vacuum is designed for reliability and comfort.
  • Rugged Excite: Excite is a versatile bagged backpack vacuum, fitted with a twin-turbine peripheral by-pass motor designed to remain cool at low airflow. This vacuum can be used in areas where liquid spills may be present, such as bars and changing rooms. The motor air discharge reduces electrical shorts when liquids are accidentally vacuumed.
  • Rugged D’Lite: With a large 5-litre capacity, low noise, and high levels of HEPA filtration, D’Lite is a delight to use. Combining the HEPA filtration with encapsulated double-lined filter bags, this bagged vacuum minimises cross-contamination and exposure to allergens. This makes D’Lite perfect for the health and aged care industries.

All about floor tools

Choosing the right floor tool for your backpack vacuum cleaner is essential to achieving superior cleaning, whether you’re vacuuming your home or running a commercial business in Perth.
  • Turbo Brush: The Turbo Brush is ideal for the deep cleaning of carpet pile and easy removal of pet hair. The brush roller is driven by airflow from the vacuum, agitating the carpet pile to increase dust and dirt pickup
  • Mega Gulper Pro: With the extra coverage provided by the 30% wider head, this attachment cleans up to 30% faster than regular low-profile tools.
  • EZ2GO Floor Tool: This versatile floor tool features a wide inlet mouth and superb airflow, suitable for carpet, hard floors, and picking up bulky materials.
  • Combination Tool: The Combination tool is designed for efficient transitions between carpet and hard flooring. The brush bristles can be extended or retracted using a single button.
  • Hard Floor Tool: The synthetic bristle fibres provide a sweep-and-brush action while vacuuming, providing effective dust pickup on hard floors.

Why you need high-quality filtration

Exceptional vacuuming performance requires efficient filtration technology, which maximises the collection of dust and dirt. The entire selection of Rugged Industries vacuums provide superior filtration, whether you’re looking for a bagless or bagged model. The Rugged Advantage bagless vacuums feature patented cyclone technology, designed to separate heavier particles from lighter material. Heavier dust is centrifugally-separated from the rest of the material, moving towards the tank walls before falling into the dust collection bin. Lighter particles are carried to the vacuum motor where they pass through a mesh filter and two sets of nine cyclone separators. Rugged Industries bagged vacuums utilise a combination of disposable filter bags, antimicrobial cloth bags, and HEPA filters to optimise vacuum performance. This dedication to hygiene is encapsulated in the D’Lite, which uses double-lined filter bags to provide higher levels of filtration and minimal dust contact. At Rugged Industries, discover the perfect commercial vacuum cleaner for every cleaning task in Perth. Reach out to our friendly team on (02) 9680 0052 or send an email to
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