Vacuum Cleaner Cords and Electrical Parts

Vacuum Cleaner Electrical Cord:

Rugged Industries backpack vacuum cleaners are equipped with durable power cords, perfect for indoor use.A long extension cord reduces the number of plug-ins allowing cleaners to vacuum longer and be more productive, while the lightweight design ensures it’s not tiring to manoeuvre. The cord is:

  • 18m long, 7.4mm in diameter.
  • Australian-approved Safety Orange
  • PVC-insulated and PVC-sheathed
  • PVC three pin plug and socket
  • 10A
  • V75 rated

Vacuum Cleaner Switch:

We use an 18(12)A power rated, double pole, single throw rocker switch with IP55 protection and T85 temperature rating, for switching the power on our vacuum cleaners.
The IP55 protection rating is for both dust and water, the power rating 18A is for resistive and 12A inductive loads. T85 is the upper limiting temperature. A highly-rated vacuum cleaner switch offers reliability, which means reduced downtime and lower service costs.

Vacuum Cleaner Power Inlet:

The power inlet for Advantage and D’Lite vacuum cleaners is a 3-pin IEC C14 10A rated snap-in connector, which provides a quick and easy power connection to the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner Power Outlet:

Rugged Industries power outlets are provided on all bagged vacuum cleaners, for use with electrical powered brushes. The power outlets are rated to 200W and use IEC C13 2 pin sockets.

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