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Vacuum Cleaner Electrical Cord

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Product Details: 18m 10A ordinary duty extension cord suits Advantage and other back pack vacuum cleaners

Features: Ordinary duty, low weight cord reduces pulling drag on operators. The 18m length reduces voltage loss  to the vacuum cleaner, foot entanglement and knotting.

Fits Vacuums: Rugged Advantage, Model 15721000, D’Lite, Model 15721100, Excite Model 15721200 and Impress Model 15721300 backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Ends: Standard Australia  plug and socket.

Plug and Socket: Clear plastic for visual inspection compliant to AS/NZS 3112 Standards

Cord Type: PVC Insulated PVC sheathed (7.4mm Dia), ordinary duty, 3G, 1.0mm², H05VV-F

Rating: HAR 250/440V, 75°C, complies with AS/NZS 3191 Standards

Length: 18m

Colour: Safety Orange


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