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Wire Loom for Rugged Impress Backpack Vacuum Cleaner.

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Product Details: This wire loom for Rugged Impress is a quick, easy wire replacement for servicing the vacuum cleaner.

Fits Vacuum: Rugged Impress Model 15721300

Assembly Parts

1 x 13806302 Cord Coupling

2 x 13380026 WN1412 KB40 x 16 Screws

1 x 13806522 Plastic HDT Cable Clamp

1 x 13806332 Thermostat Bi-metal 110C with wire

1 x 16006005 Grommet Cord Loom

1 x 13806108 Terminal Block 20A with pressure plates

1 x 13806135 Capacitor 0.22uF RFI

1 x 13806107 Wire Neutral Blue 180mm


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