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Antimicrobial Hose BEP Plus Lid Elbow for Rugged D’Lite Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Details: Uses an Elbow for snap connection to the lid on the Rugged D’Lite backpack vacuum cleaner. It is supplied complete with 32mm Hose, BEP, Tank Fitting with Seals, glued HUL/Cuffs and Click Ring

Fits Vacuum: Rugged D’Lite Model 15721100

Size: 32mm


Hose: 1.2m x 32mm bore “Crush Resistant” corrugated, 220g/m x 1.0mm wall, low friction, low suction loss hose. Infused with organic antibacterial odour control additives that kill microbes and eliminate smell.

BEP (Bent End Piece): Light weight, impact grade, wear resistant ABS construction. Textured surface, soft hand grip for added comfort. Convenient thumb operated slider suction control.

Elbow: Snap fit to lid. 360° Swivel connection.

Hose Hul / Cuff & Click Ring: Glued Left Hand Thread Screw Hose Connector Cuff and 2 Lug Click Ring


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